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August 1, 2011 Update

New video posted of Wolvesblood and Blastphemous at the gun range with Visions of the Night tunes as overlay music!
Check it out below:

May 23, 2011 Update

Donation receipts have arrived for Operation Rising Sun; Earthquake and Tsunami recovery. As promised, here's a pic of the final tally. $150.50 generated + $100 from earlier =$250.50.
Thanks to everyone who helped out! (click on the thumbnail for a larger image)

Donation receipts for Japan

May 2, 2011 Update

The final tally for our Operation Rising Sun: Support for Earthquake and Tsunami Recovery was $150.50!
Thanks to everyone who helped out!
We also have recently received some fan art from Japan by professional artist Sawsin!
Check out the video below

April 7, 2011 Update:

Visions of the Night is proud to announce....
OPERATION RISING SUN: Support for Earthquake and Tsunami Recovery for Japan
For more details to help without donating, click

March 31,2011 Update:

A video interview has been posted about the 'Butchering The Northeast 2010 tour'
Footage and pics from the road are spliced into the interview. Find out what being homeless has in common with touring, how our vehicle ended up on the inside of a convenience store and where that tour baby came from.

March 25, 2011 Update:

New items available at our online armoury!


Visions of the Night shirt from Butchering the Northeast 2010 US/Canada tour.

Browning .50 cal M2 Machine gun with band logo on the front. 'Butchering the Northeast 2010' with tour dates, WWII U.S. Army star and old style Canadian Maple leaf on the back.
Dual encircled hexagram with AK-47 and M4 assault rifles on the sleeve.
Both items only available at:

Visions of the Night on Cultura Em Peso Comp! Free link below!
Visions of the Night make an appearance on the new Cultura Em Peso (Brazil) E-zine comp with the track 'Resurrection of Honour'.
Download the METAL comp for free here:

They have also released a hardcore comp that some of you might also be interested in.
Check out the HARDCORE comp here:

Site link:

Over 100 pics from the Butchering the Northeast 2010 tour have been posted!
Check'em out at HERE

Visions of the Night is proud to announce their signing with Butchered Records for the release of their next full length cd: 'Vengeance, Honour, Victory'. They join Abdicate, Polterchrist, Foul Stench (and more) who will also be appearing on some of the shows at..... BUTCHERING THE NORTHEAST 2010!



Regarding the controversy/Police shutting down the concert on July 11, 2009 in Orangeville, Ont
Setting the record straight:

Some “concerned citizens” did call the police to have the concert shut down during the July 11, 2009 Orangeville, Ontario concert.

Yes, the barbed wire barricades that were brought and placed at the front of the stage were real. A warning was broadcast over the loudspeaker after the first song to warn people and prevent injury. Barbed wire (including its use and display) is not illegal in Ontario.

Yes, we had several firearms acquisition forms on hand at our merch booth and gave them out to anybody who asked for one. We believe the populace should have the option of owning firearms. The forms in no way guarantee a license will be granted. A series of tests and a background check must also be performed first. Handing out information that can lead to a citizen owning a legal firearm is not illegal in Ontario.

Noise levels should not have been an issue either. Orangeville's own noise bylaw #12-96 in section 4 part C exempts bands/musicians that fall under: “...or for any public celebration or other gathering for which written permission has been obtained from the town of Orangeville.” Which it was. There was no legal reason for the concert to be shut down.

Yes, we play a form of extreme metal that average people don't really 'get'. Trust us when we say this, average/popular music is just as grating to our ears as our music would be those who dislike it. That being said, no metalheads called the cops on the other bands of differing styles that were also playing. If you want your style of music played, you must also be prepared to tolerate some that you don't.

None of our equipment/props/forms were confiscated by the police. They are with us and we will continue to use them in future shows. Nor have we been banned from the city of Orangeville.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the fans/bands/venue that gave us their support in this matter. We apologize to the fans that the complaints of a few, ruined something for the rest. We shall return.

New interview posted in Infernal Masquerade!
The band answers questions about how the new material will sound and what the fraud alert is all about...


Pics from our April 25th show are up!
Check'em out HERE!

Visions of the Night + Cannibal Corpse Interview on the Governor's Ball!

Tune in to hear The Governor chats with Cannibal Corpse guitarist Rob Barrett about his career in and out of the band and the true homicidal nature of their latest album Evisceration Plague.

Also this episode is co-hosted by Toronto’s Visions of the Night who join The Governor for a mighty bout of the drinking and beef consumption.......especially Malaclypse who consumed way too much alcohol!
Catch all the action at


New interview at Cultura Em Peso (from Brazil) in Portugese, Spanish and English.

Visions of the Night #1 on CDCR Radio Charts!

CSCR Loud Rock - Submitted by Caroline Restiaux
(for the week of January 26, 2009)

1 VISIONS OF THE NIGHT Nocturnal Militia
3 ORDER OF ENNEAD Order Of Ennead Earache
4 ALETHEIAN Dying Vine Ironclad
5 EXMORTUS In Hatred’s Flame Heavy Artillery
6 IN FLAMES A Sense Of Purpose Koch
7 DECREPITY The Decaying Of Evolution Cryogenic
8 NILE Ithyphallic Nuclear Blast
9 DARK FUNERAL Diabolis Interium Necropolis
10 1349 Hellfire Candlelight

Source: (scroll down to Loud Rock to see it, as with all charts, they do get updated. As of today, March 20, it's still up there)

Fraud Alert Update: Monty Giddings / Montgomery Giddings / 666 inc. has ripped alot of people within the metal scene, including ourselves, Death Metal All Stars, at least 2 record labels, his ex-wife(s), his friends. His last wife is thankfully divorced from him now and has nothing to do with this idiot. His latest scheme was falsely repsresenting himself as a manager of a large band in an attempt to obtain a cash deposit, which thankfully failed. Now he tries to ask bands for $1,500 to "book" venues and "put up" flyers in Japan, this is no doubt another one of his scams. The Japanese police and a collection agency are searching for him and he's now attempting to go into hiding....again. Don't believe any of his famous lies, including: "I'm a millionaire!" and "Don't worry, I'll reimburse you." This picture should help identify this con artist. If you have any more questions or comments, please contact us.

Monty Giddings : Not a lottery winner, just a born loser.

Contract proof HERE
We made the mistake of lending this fraudster who claimed to be our friend a lot of money in order that his broke ass could make a tour happen because other people had "ripped him off". We have fulfilled our end of the deal and completed the tour and have many witnesses to confirm that fact.

To see what others that have had the unfortunateness of dealing with this asshole have said click HERE

This notice will stay up until the matter has been resolved.

New review from
Click the link to find out what they thought of our 'Nocturnal Militia' release.

Visions of the Night will be interviewed LIVE on X-plosive Metal Radio on Sunday February 1st!

In the meantime check out the site at:

And on Sunday Feb.1 at 4-6pm (Eastern Standard time) listen to it live at:

Wolvesblood & Blastphemous just completed an interview with Folkvangrmedia, check it out at:

New review posted from Germany! See it here: or for the translation visit our myspace blog.

Visions of the Night fan MetalMonster48 made a video of V.o.t.N. through the years!
Check out his video rendition of 'Human Failure' from our 'Nocturnal Militia' cd:

Thanks man!

Pics from our Nov/Dec Japan tour have now been posted! Click here to see them!



We've uploaded a video from our promotional trip to Japan. Check it out.
Visions Of The Night Japan Promo Trip 2008

Visions of the Night is proud to announce that ’Human Failure’ from our latest cd ’Nocturnal Militia’ will be appearing on the first ever Metal Maniacs magazine compilation (as track #7) in the June/July 2008 issue!
50,000 copies will be made, but pick one up quick as it will be distributed worldwide. (on sale May 27th)

Poster from last summer's Nocturnal Offensive


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